Tel Aviv believes war with Iran is unavoidable

26_1.jpgTel Aviv threatens to attack Iran if that country keeps developing nuclear weapons. This statement was made by one of the deputies of the Zionist leader Ehud Olmert, Shaul Mofaz, who is one of the most likely candidates to the post of the head of the government in case Olmert resigns.According to him, military operations against Iran will be unavoidable if it turns out that Tehran gets the opportunity to develop a nuclear bomb.


In his interview to Yediot Ahronot Shaul Mofaz said that international sanctions against Iran have proven ineffective.


“If Iran continues its nuclear weapons program, we will attack it”, BBC quoted Mofaz as saying. Mr. Mofaz also stressed that the strike against Iran may be unavoidable.


Some time ago Mofaz was in charge of the Zionist Israeli Ministry of Defense.


Earlier Mr. Olmert also made a statement in which he said that Iran’s nuclear program must be stopped at any cost.


“The international community has a duty and responsibility to clarify to Iran, through drastic measures, that the repercussions of their continued pursuit of nuclear weapons will be devastating”, Olmert said.


A number of US politicians and military officials have made threats to attack Iran earlier on.


Meanwhile Tehran has repeatedly assured that Tel Aviv and Washington are too weak to attack Iran. Moreover, Iranian leaders have warned that in case of Zionist aggression they will “wipe Israel off the world’s map”.


US and Israel do not have sufficient resources to go for a military conflict with Iran, as Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Army on the issues of propaganda and support of the armed forces, Massoud Jazairi, told journalists.


“The Zionist regime is too weak, it is only capable of committing terrorist acts and kidnappings,” the Iranian military official said, whose words have been published by other media earlier.


In his opinion, “this regime will soon cease to exist”, and the example was shown by the defeat of the Zionist army in 2006 in the war with Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah.


“Countdown has begun, and sooner or later the Zionist regime will disappear”, Jazairi added.


The Iranian general believes that the US is weakened by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on the top of the fact that the American public demands that the government withdraws the troops from these countries to stop the deaths of their soldiers.


“Under the current circumstances, Americans are so weak that they are not even thinking about opening a new military front with Iran”, said Deputy Chief of Staff.


Meanwhile Jazairi did not exclude the probability of any “unreasonable actions committed by the US”.


“I can confirm that if Americans attack Iran, they will never end this war. Iran knows how to conduct war operations to make the enemy regret it,” he warned.
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