Pro-Kremlin nationalists unite and predict ”war with Caucasus nationals”

65_1.jpgConference under the name of New Political Nationalism was held in Cosmos Hotel in Moscow. According to the idea of its organizers, the conference is supposed to become the first step on the way of forming a large political party of “nationalistic trend”. The critics have already pointed to the fact that the unified groups are under the control of the Russian FSB (Federal Security Service, formerly KGB). One of the main initiators of the unification was DPNI, headed by Alexander Belov (AKA Potkin).


The commentators point out that the unification was surprisingly “constructive and respectable”.


One of the organizers of the event, Pyotr Miloserdov from the Narod (The People) movement, said backstage that the constructive dialogue became possible because the invitations to participate in the conference were sent only to those who were properly “tested”.


“Over the period of working in the nationalist movement we understood well who we can deal with,” Miloserdov explained. “This is why the invitations were sent only to those who are ready for a serious discussion. For example, we did not bother to invite Spas or Demushkin’s Slavic Union and we are not planning to invite them in the future either. The same thing concerns some other inadequate activists and organizations.”


The above-mentioned movements Narod and DPNI, as well as the Rod (“The Clan”) movement and the Great Russia (“Velikaya Rossia”) party were among the organizers of the conference.


All of the speakers believe that “there is a demand for a nationalistic party within the society, and none of the parties presently existing in the country is able to satisfy this demand”.


“70 percent of the population share our main goals of the program, i.e. they are spontaneous nationalists,” as one of the speakers noted. “And whether there will be organization in the country that meets the expectations of the population’s absolute majority depends on whether we will be able to unite into a unified structure.”


A little confusion was brought to the conference when one of the leaders of Kasyanov’s liberal movement RDNS, Sergei Zhavoronkov, appeared on the podium and stated that the party’s program contains an item on fighting illegal migration, this is why “the participation of Kasyanov’s liberals in the nationalist conference is quite justified”.


Participants of the conference agreed that new “scientific nationalism, free from anachronistic “Soil Movement” and schizophrenic Judophobia (anti-Semitism)” must be in the basis of the new ideology of the organization that is being created. I.e., the commonplace enemies of all nationalists, the Jews, are no longer a problem for Russian nationalists such as Potkin and his allies.


Participants of the conference signed a “national pact”, the document that is supposed to lie in the foundation of the creation of a large political party of Russian nationalists in the future.


Meanwhile the chief of DPNI Belov (AKA Potkin) predicted the increasing number of mass-scale fights between Russians and Caucasus nationals. He called this trend a “natural phenomenon”. The situation will only be getting worse in the nearest future.


According to him, far from all incidents seep into the press: “They write that last Sunday in Moscow near Babushkinskaya metro station the third brawl between Muscovites and ‘non-Russians’ took place, as a result 5 people were hospitalized. And I know of a major brawl in a night club in Butovo. The conflict arouse out of thin air, and as a result 30 Caucasus nationals beat the crap out of five Slavs,” the DPNI chieftain announced.


“The number of the Caucasus youth in Moscow and the regions is getting bigger, ethnic gangs, communities are being formed… You can’t get away from it,” Belov (Potkin) complains.


He claims that “students from the Caucasus, who enroll in Russian colleges with so-called ethnic quotas” are always the ones at fault.


“30 students come from Chechnya and move into a dorm. There you have a gang ready to go. And these quotes guarantee immunity for them: ethnic cadres can’t be sent down or evicted… Students at the schools where they train for officers of power structures are the ones acting most obnoxiously.”


Belov (Potkin) called on the Russian gangs to start arming themselves.


“I would recommend all Muscovites and people of other regions, where the problem of aggressive behavior of the Caucasus nationals also exists, to start acquiring weapons of self-defense.”


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