Russians vs. Caucasus nationals: major brawls continue

A brawl between groups of youth took place in Northeastern Administrative District of Moscow in the backyard of building No. 17 on Anadyr Avenue. According to earlier reports, natives of the North Caucasus and Russian youngsters were the ones involved in the fight. Several people were hospitalized as a result. The fight occurred last Sunday around midnight. The authorities did not manage to detain any of the participants. At the present moment the police are interviewing the victims. According to the earlier reports, up to 20 men were involved in the fight. Other reports claim that there was a bigger number of participants.


This would be the third fight in the Russian capital with the participation of Russians and Caucasus nationals over the past few days. In the evening of May 5 a major brawl took place on Manege Square in downtown Moscow. At the same time Russian media announced that 30 to 40 Caucasus nationals allegedly attacked 2 Russians, who were “peacefully sitting on a park bench”, as if there was not a single Russian present within a 500-meter radius in downtown Moscow.


Early morning of June 3 a clash between Russians and Armenians happened in Southeastern parts of Moscow. The eyewitnesses reported that up to 200 participants took place in the brawl, using baseball bats and trauma-inducing weapons. Moreover, the fight had the nature of “Caucasus nationals vs. Russians”, and the location of face-to-face meeting was prearranged by the conflicting sides.


Russian media stuck up for Russians when covering that incident as well, claiming that “drunken Armenians were hitting on women”, and the Russian young men were allegedly defending them. At the same time the Armenians allegedly announced that Maryino is their area and everybody has to be living here “in compliance with the rules and concepts of the Caucasus”.


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