Official Urges Iranians to Save on Energy Consumption

12SADASD11.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- An Iranian provincial official said that if Iranians save up to 10 per cent of their current consumption, the country will not be faced with power cuts.

Managing Director of East Azarbaijan province Electricity Company said that due to low rainfalls, the country is suffering a shortage of power generation at its hydroelectric power plants.

“The country will stop export of electricity to other countries and we will start importing electricity from Armenia and the Azerbaijani Republic,” Baharivand said.

“East Azerbaijan Province has around 1.1m subscribers and peak consumption in East Azerbaijan is 1,140 MW. This means that if one subscriber turns off one 100 W lamp at the peak time, we will not have power cuts. If our dear customers really show respect, we will not have power cuts.

“I have to say that we swap energy with several countries. One of them is Armenia, one is Nakhichevan, one is Azerbaijan – Imisli (District) of Azerbaijan – and another one is Turkey. The peak time in these countries is different from our peak time, as their peak time is in winter and our peak time is in summer. This means that we give them electricity in winter and they (give us electricity) in summer,” he added.

“Our daily import from Armenia is approaching 170 MW, but right now we import over 180 MW (from Armenia).”

“We import around 100 MW from Imisli (District) of Azerbaijan. This means that we import from 280 to 300 MW of energy daily. Although the public says that we export (electricity), at the moment we import – around 300 MW – of energy. Our exchange with Turkey is zero and we do not swap (energy) with that country.

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