Caucasus troops entrap pro-Russian accomplices

Sources from the Province of Dagestan, The Caucasus Emirate, reported that Friday morning in Sleiman-Stal District of Dagestan a mobile unit of the Caucasus Armed Forces (Mujahideen) entrapped the pro-Russian accomplices from the local puppet police. The accomplices from the pro-Russian police were ambushed and shot. 

The policemen attempted to pull over the car with the Mujahideen, but the car would not stop. Then the apostates (murtadin) started pursuing it. After several hundred meters the collaborators came under heavy crossfire from an ambush.


According to the reports from the Russian kuffar, 1 pro-Russian accomplice was eliminated and 1 wounded in that operation. It was also reported that a taxi driver, who happened to be in the crossfire, died.


Kavkaz Center

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