Ringleader of the Vostok gang Yamadayev makes a show of celebration of his birthday

68_1.jpgKavkaz Center’s source reported that in the city of Gudermes a large number of gang members from Vostok (“The East”) gang were celebrating the birthday of their gang leader Sulim Yamadayev (another pro-Russian collaborator and war criminal, yet rival of Kadyrov) for several hours starting last Saturday morning. Kavkaz Center’s source reported that Sulim Yamadayev arrived at the base of his gang accompanied by Russian bodyguards and a large crowd of armed men.


A live band was invited to the base. Loud music, sounds of dances and drumbeats were heard until 4 PM.


The locals who observed that picture pointed out that Yamadayev set up a big celebration in the city of Gudermes on purpose, in order to show his disdain for Kadyrov and make a hint about his high-ranking protectors in Moscow.


Earlier on, notorious criminal and ringleader of one of the gangs of Russia’s “defense ministry”, general Shamanov, denied Kadyrov’s statement that Sulim Yamadayev was dismissed from the post of the ringleader of Vostok gang and that the gang would allegedly be disbanded.


As some Russian observers mention in this connection, the situation with Yamadayev is a serious signal for Kadyrov. Looks like the new people in the Kremlin are no longer considering Kadyrov as Moscow’s unchallenged puppet.

Kavkaz Center

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