CIA and MI5 turn against Ingushetian pro-Russian puppets?

On Tuesday officials of the pro-Russian Ingushetian puppet regime stated at a press conference in Moscow that CIA, British intelligence MI5 and other Western intelligence services are the main culprits in the violations of human rights in Ingushetia. 

Meanwhile human rights activists believe that the CIA has nothing to do with it, and it is the local puppet authorities who are fully responsible for the crimes being committed under the pretext of “fight against terrorism”.


Someone named Tamara Khautiyeva, representing the puppet regime, announced, “All that the Western media are talking about the tensions in Ingushetia is a lie.”


According to her, in Ingushetia “active constructions are under way, new jobs are being created, and the fact that Ingushetia has the number one highest birthrate in Russia speaks about the successes in demographics”.


“But if there are shots heard somewhere or people disappearing, these are provocations masterminded by Western special services,” said Vasily Likhachev, representing Zyazikov’s regime in Moscow.


“I have an inkling that there were plans of active work set up or implemented as part of activities of CIA, ideological centers of US military intelligence, and Great Britain’s MI5 and MI6 against the Republic of Ingushetia as well as against the Russian Federation,” Likhachev announced.


Oleg Orlov, Chairman of human rights center Memorial was extremely surprised when he found out that such a statement was made:


“These are mere ravings. A man capable of saying things like that just lies. For some reasons, he needs that. And if he is not lying, then he probably feels like he is in a besieged fortress of later Brezhnevism, thinking that enemies are all around and he must fight – against the West, first of all.”


Kavkaz Center

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