Case of gas attack in Nord Ost Moscow theater seizure gets classified

The Strasbourg Court has classified the case about the events that happened in the fall of 2002 in the theatrical center in Moscow. Moscow-based RIA-Novosti news agency reported that this information came from the attorney of the victims of the theater seizure, Igor Trunov.


“From the negotiations with the chancellery of the European Human Rights Court it turned out that the access to the materials is restricted,” the defender said.


Thus, the Court has complied with the request of Russia’s plenipotentiary representative in the European Human Rights Court, who asked to restrict the public access to the materials of the case.


Russia has motivated its position that it is going to produce the criminal docket on the terrorist act to the Strasbourg Court in full.


Reminder: Back in 2002 Chechen sabotage group took hostages in Moscow theatrical center on Dubrovka, where the popular Nord-Ost musical show was going on. The hostage-takers were demanding that the war operations in the former Chechen Republic of Ichkeria are stopped. 130 hostages died as a result of the gas attack carried out by the Russian KGB.


Kavkaz Center

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