Mujahideen conduct military operations and read lecture to villagers

33_1.jpgSources from the Province of Ingushetia, The Caucasus Emirate, reported that a unit of the Caucasus Armed Forces (Mujahideen) consisting of over 100 fighters entered the village of Muzhichi early morning of Rajab 6, 1429 (July 9, 2008). At the same time the locals said that the number of Mujahideen who entered the village was much larger. The Russian sources however quoted a smaller number.  

Several active accomplices of Russian kuffar (invaders/infidels) were eliminated during the pinpoint operation. Several vehicles were seized from the local pro-Russian collaborators (murtadin/apostates). (According to some reports, 3 to 10 cars were seized).


The Russian side had some discrepant reports on the events. According to some reports, 15 to 30 Ingushetian Mujahideen were participating in the operation. Other reports that were released by Wednesday morning say that “10 militants speaking the Chechen language entered the village of Muzhichi”.


Locals of the village of Muzhichi, however, had different reports. According to the locals, the Mujahideen looked 16 to 25 years of age. Some of them were wearing masks and all of them were speaking pure Ingushetian language.


The Mujahideen gathered the people in the center of the village and read them a lecture on morals and laws of the Sharia. The young men pointed out to the villagers about the inadmissibility of drinking alcohol, taking drugs and engaging in indecent behavior. The villagers were warned against collaboration with Russian kuffar (infidels/invaders) and their accomplices (murtadin/apostates).


Locals of the village of Muzhichi pointed out that all of the collaborators who were shot dead were known for their close links to the Russian FSB (Federal Security Service, former KGB).


Russian kuffar admit that after accomplishing the combat assignment, the Mujahideen attacked a checkpoint located at the administrative border on the side of the Province of Ichkeria by using grenade-launchers. Russian invaders would not report any of their casualties. No details were reported either.


Sources from the Province of Ingushetia reported that the Caucasus troops carried out several more combat operations in various parts of Ingushetia early Wednesday morning.


At around 1 AM a mobile unit of the Mujahideen attacked a checkpoint of Russian kuffar near the village of Nesterovskaya. The attack lasted about 15 minutes. No exact figures of the invaders’ casualties have been reported.


At about the same time 1 local pro-Russian accomplice (murtad/apostate), a policeman, was captured in the village of Ojonikidzevskaya. Puppet sources reported that pro-Russian police units were dispatched to search for the captive. The locals, however, have not confirmed that information. No one was going to rescue the accomplice captured by the Caucasus Armed Forces (Mujahideen) that night.


Meanwhile the Mujahideen carried out a pinpoint special operation in the village of Surhohi at the same time the operations were carried out in Muzhichi, Nesterovskaya and Ojonikidzevskaya. Reportedly, several dozen fighters entered the village. A house of one of the active pro-Russian accomplices (murtadin/apostates), member of the Russian FSB gang (Russian Federal Security Service, formerly KGB), Vakha Aushev, was attacked.


The Mujahideen opened fire at the house from grenade-launchers and machineguns. Then the Mujahideen entered the house, but the collaborator managed to escape. According to other reports, he managed to hide in the basement and was just not found.


It was also reported that last night in Ingushetian capital Nazran the Caucasus Armed Forces set up checkpoints inspecting all vehicles in order to apprehend the pro-Russian puppet policemen.


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