Russian intelligence officer threatens Medvedev with rebellion and reprisals against Jewish mafia

32_1.jpgOn this photo Kvachkov looks very much like a Hollywood character: Dr. Hannibal Lecktor 


Colonel of Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU), Vladimir Kvachkov, who was recently acquitted of charges with an assassination attempt on Anatoly Chibais, announced last Friday that he resumes his “military and political work”, as Russian media reported.


“Starting July 1, on the order by Military Sovereign Union of Russia, I was appointed acting chairman of that Union,” Kvachkov told Moscow-based Interfax news agency last Friday.


According to him, that organization “is going to develop specific proposals to Commander-In-Chief of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, concerning the restoration of military efficiency of the armed forces.”


“We are also laying down our terms to the country’s government: either you restore the Armed Forces, or we start defending our own selves – restoring either people’s home guard or other structures that will be capable of defending Russia in case of aggression,” Kvachkov announced.


He warned Medvedev that in case of refusal, “there will be a question raised on implementation of the right of the Russian people and the Russian nation to a national rebellion, as it is read in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948”.


“I have my own mission – to save Russia, excuse my high-flown words. We have no army, and Russia does need army because a global repartition of the world is coming up, a global redistribution of resources – all of these are commonly-known facts. And I would like to make my contribution into the cause of preservation, or rather restoration of Russian Army in Russia – this is the key trend in my work,” as Kvachkov summarized.


It must also be mentioned that after Kvachkov was acquitted, he was asked what he was planning to do in the nearest future, and he replied, “To finish the unfinished business”.


Kvachkov has made repeated public anti-Jewish statements. For instance, in his speech live on Echo of Moscow (“Ekho Moskvy”) radio on June 6 he stated that Russia “is overrun by the Jewish mafia, which is the matrix for the rest of the criminal groups in Russia,” and there is a war already going on in the country “in a disguised form”.


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