SCANDAL. Presidents of Estonia, Hungary and Finland demonstratively leave Russia

For censorship considerations, Russian media have concealed from their readers the fact that Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves left not only the conference room in protest of the slander against Estonia voiced at the so-called “Fifth World Congress of Finno-Ugric Peoples”, but he also left Russia and returned to Tallinn on a passenger plane. 

Russian-speaking readers were able to find out about it only from the forum of Estonian information agency Delfi. Ordinary Estonians fully approved of the action done by their President and pointed out that President has done well, did the right thing and that he shouldn’t have gone to that propagandistic show in the first place, in the middle the purposeful Russification of Finno-Ugric nations enslaved by Russia.


Russian mass media also concealed from the citizens of the Russian Federation that Presidents of Finland and Hungary left the conference room as well, after which they too left Russia following the President of Estonia.


Estonian newspaper Eesti Päevaleht writes:


“Member of Parliament (The Riigikogu) Ivi Eenmaa, who spoke right after President Toomas Hendrik Ilves left the Finno-Ugric Congress in protest, said that she felt very ashamed and sorry that the Congress was ruined.


“She added that the departure of Presidents of Finland and Hungary, who left the conference room shortly after President Ilves, can be viewed as a sign of protest in response to the untruthful interpretation of history coming from the stage.


“Ms. Eenmaa, who was speaking on behalf of Estonians in Estonian language, switched to Russian in the end of her speech – she had to refuse to have her speech interpreted simultaneously, since for instance, from the speech given by Yje Sarv, speaking on behalf of the Setu nation, the part that mentioned the disunity of Setumaa (The Setu Land) was not translated (mentioning the ongoing Russian occupation of some lands of the Setu nation – KC).


“Ms. Eenmaa said in Russian when she pointed at the slanderous speech by the Chairman of the Russian Duma’s International Affairs Committee, Konstantin Kosachev and the departure of President Ilves that followed it, ‘We are very ashamed for what happened, and being a member of parliament, I can confirm: what has been said from the stage about Estonia is a lie.’ ”


During a break some participants of the forum made a statement to Ivi Eenmaa, in which they supported the resolute action by President Toomas Hendrik Ilves.


Ms. Eenmaa was also surrounded by reporters of various TV channels, who wanted to find out the undistorted truth about the events of the Bronze Night and the situation in Estonia.


Department of Monitoring,

Kavkaz Center

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