Russia sends 700 tanks and armored vehicles to Georgian border

83_1.jpgThe occupation command of Russian troops reported that under the so-called “Exercises” units of paratroopers gangs from the Pskov Province have been sent to Georgian border.

Assistant ringleader of the “Russian Land Forces” Col. Igor Konashenkov particularly emphasized that “transportation of units of the Pskov division is not being done in the district of Georgian-Abkhaz conflict”.


“The transportation of the paratroopers is carried out by IL-76 transport planes of the Russian Air Force by airlift Pskov-Mozdok. Total of five planes are being used. Currently, two board personnel, full ammunition and technical equipment are already in the air. After landing in Mozdok paratroopers will conduct multi-kilometer march to the military polygons in the mountainous area at an altitude of about 2.5 thousand meters”, Konashenkov said.


He also said that in Volgograd members of another gang of “landing assault regiment of 20th motorized infantry division with weaponry and military hardware” are being loaded to military railway echelon.


“Echelon will deliver servicemen to the Krasnodar region, where they will on their vehicles be sent to the area of maneuvers”, Assistant ringleader said.


According to Russian media, according to “legend of exercises”, the enemies of Russia “are trying to establish a number of bases and camps in the territory of mountain regions of North Caucasus for preparation of sabotage groups in order to destabilize the situation in southern Russia”. The enemies are also “seek to break through the State Border of the Russian Federation”.


The main objective of the maneuvers is “to assess the ability of the military administration for joint action in the face of terrorist threat in southern Russia. During the exercises issues of solutions of peacekeeping tasks in areas of armed conflict will be worked off”, Konashenkov said.


At the exercises “practical actions for the preparation and conduct special operations to find, block and eliminate of illegal armed formations in foothill and mountain regions of North Caucasus will be developed”, assistant ringleader said, have forgotten to specify that “finding and blocking” operations against these “formations” Russia is conducting in North Caucasus for about 9 years, but unsuccessfully so far.


Kavkaz Center

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