Foreign investors active in Assaluyeh

davari200808012156509681.jpgThe managing director of Pars Special Economic Energy Zone (PSEEZ) says foreign firms are active in its gas and petrochemical projects.

Seyed Abdoljalil Razavi detailed that currently Italian INI, South Korean Hyundai, French Total, Japanese MIS and South African SASOL companies are involved in the design, construction and installation of equipment in PSEEZ gas and petrochemical projects.

Various foreign companies from Austria, Germany and India have tendered bids for the upcoming development of Phase 12 in the South Pars gas field, Razavi added.

The deputy manager of Arya Sasol Petrochemical Company told reporters that South African and Iranian engineers are working hand in hand in various PSEEZ projects in Assaluyeh and are sharing information and experience on design and the construction of petrochemical complexes.


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