Iran: Petrol to Be Sold at Market Prices

A04191693.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s Oil Minister Gholam Hossein Nozari announced that his country plans to supply petrol, diesel oil and fuel oil at free-market rates on daily basis while natural gas and kerosene will be semi-subsidized.

In an interview with Borna, Nozari spoke about the government’s target-oriented subsidies plan, and said that the Oil Ministry was responsible to supply the country’s energy.

“According to our duty, defined for us by the government, we will supply this need,” he added.

Nozari explained that offering petrol, diesel oil and fuel oil at free- market rates and semi-subsidizing natural gas and kerosene was among alternatives discussed in the cabinet, and said, “None of these issues have been finalized yet.”

He said that there was no concern about supplying petrol for the country, and explained, “We have the opportunity to supply the country’s petrol from the Middle East markets and other markets as well.”

The minister further mentioned a plan to supply the country’s petrol needs within 48 hours.

Asked if the ministry is conducting plans to make petrol out of industrial waste, he said, “To use the term ‘industrial waste’ is not correct.”

Nozari refrained from explaining how this type of petrol is supposed to be supplied. 

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