US incited Georgia offensive in S. Ossetia’

davari200808101800251564.jpgThe White House has orchestrated the current conflict between Russia and Georgia in South Ossetia, a high-ranking Russian official says.

In a Friday press conference, Chairman of Russia’s State Duma Security Committee Vladimir Vasilyev said without US aid, Tbilisi would have been unable to start military operation in South Ossetia.

Georgian military forces launched a large-scale military offensive against South Ossetia on Thursday evening. Russia, in response, moved its forces to the region.

The battles between Georgian and Russian forces have left at least 1500 people dead.

Vasilyev said the situation in South Ossetia draws parallels to the wars in Iraq and Kosovo.

“The further the situation unfolds, the more the world will understand that Georgia would never be able to do all this without America,” the Russian official added.

According to Vasilyev, the US State Department refused to comment on reports by South Ossetian defense officials that Georgia was planning an imminent aggression.

“In essence, the Americans have prepared the force, which destroys everything in South Ossetia, attacks civilians and hospitals,” he expounded.

South Ossetia is officially a Georgian province but a large number of its population of 70,000 possess Russian passports and have strong links with North Ossetia, a Russian territory.


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