EU gives 1 million euro in aid for S.Ossetia

BRUSSELS, Aug 11 – The European Commission has released 1 million euros ($1.52 million) in humanitarian aid for civilians affected by the fighting in South Ossetia, it said in a statement.

“The European Commission is extremely concerned about the fighting and deplores the loss of lives and the human suffering it causes. … We call for an immediate end of hostilities,” EU Aid and Development Commissioner Louis Michel said.

Michel added that it was crucial to guarantee safe access for humanitarian aid and “safe passage” for displaced civilians.

Georgia said dozens of Russian bombers were attacking its territory on Monday and renewed its plea for a ceasefire. A Russian news agency said Georgian forces shelled the capital of South Ossetia on Monday.

The new crisis in the Caucasus has triggered alarm in the West, which gets much of its oil from a pipeline running through Georgia, and led to Cold War-style clashes at the United Nations.

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