Iran and Iraq’s Kurdish regional government plan more ties

TEHRAN,  (ISNA)-Iran’s president deputy in administrative affairs Ali Saeedlou met with the premier of the Iraqis’ Kurdish regional government Nechirvan Barzani in Tehran.

Saeedlou who is the chief of Iran, Iraq economic expansion staff pointing to historical and cultural relations of the two neighbors said “today the atmosphere is more appropriate for strengthening ties between the nations.”

“Today’s Iraqi officials and in particular Kurdish officials are Iran’s friends who have had good ties with our nation and government since years ago,” he noted.

He then emphasized that cooperation and unity among Iraqi parties is a good ground for the country’s progress and continued increasing trade between the two countries leads to further political, economic and cultural exchanges.

Barzani on his part said that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been a “friend and supporter of Iraqis and Kurds in difficulties and when all the doors were closed to us.”

He continued that Iraqis expect Iran to continue its supports.

He also noted that there are high capacities in Iraq’s Kurdistan for investment and trading.

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