Georgian police refuse to share Gori with Russians

Georgian police, who went back into the town of Gori this morning, are now said to be leaving, as Tbilisi claims Russian troops are “systematically destroying the town’s military infrastructure”.

The Russians had promised they would hand over Gori to the Georgians this morning, and pull out. But Russian soldiers are still there, claiming the area has not yet been “secured”.

Explosions heard in Gori this morning were explained by the Russians as soldiers destroying unexploded ordnance.

Moscow says it does not know when it will pull its troops out despite yesterday’s assurances.

“This is just the first step,” said a Russian General when asked why his troops were still there. “We are going to start joint patrols with the Georgian police.”

It appears the Georgians refused. Russian tanks are now reported in the Black Sea port of Poti. Russian ships are back in the harbour.

Kiev says they must ask for permission to return to their Ukrainian bases.

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