Relief operations underway in Georgia and Russia

Georgia is preparing for an influx of refugees now that the fighting over South Ossetia appears to be over. A tented camp has been set up near the capital Tbilisi. It is just one of many camps being planned to house the thousands who have fled their homes in the past week.

The first planeload of humanitarian aid from America arrived in Tbilisi overnight. A second planeload is expected to arrive today, sent by President George Bush as an overt show of support for Georgia, after he demanded Russia honour its ceasefire obligations.

Refugees have fled north as well as south, across the Russian border into North Ossetia. Russia has estimated their number to be in the tens of thousands.

“I don’t remember anything,” said one woman. “Just bombs, shooting. I cannot even remember my name.”

Survivors said even the children had been forced to do without food and water for days.

But amidst the heartbreak there was at least one happy ending. One mother found her daughter at the camp, after losing her during the fighting.

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