Bush accuses Russia of “bullying” in Georgia

ASD123SDF4.jpgUS President George W. Bush has again expressed Washington’s support for Tbilisi. In a statement made from the White House, Bush said: “The people of Georgia have cast their lot with the free world and we will not cast them aside.”

He also accused Moscow of “bullying” and damaging its international standing by sending its military into Georgia:
“The Cold War is over, the days of satellite states and spirals of influence are behind us. A contentious relationship with Russia is not in America’s interest and a contentious relationship with America is not in Russia’s interest. With its action in recent days, Russia has damaged its credibility, and its relations with the nations of the free world.

He added: “To begin to repair relations with the United States, Europe and other nations and to begin restoring its place in the world, Russia must respect the freedom of its neighbours.”

Bush also said Washington wants to have good relations with Moscow and not revert to Cold War-era relationships.

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