Poland in eye of missile storm

ASD123SDF5.jpgAs international tension rises, parades marking Army Day in Poland have been held against a backdrop of Russian rage.

Moscow is furious that Warsaw has agreed to host elements of a US global anti-missile system. By doing so, a senior Russian general was quoted as saying that Poland was making itself a target for attack.

Russia’s outrage was made clear at a news conference held by deputy chief of staff, General Anatoly Naga-Veetsin.

“It is a cause for regret that, at a time when we are already in a difficult situation,” he said, “the American side further exacerbates the situation in relations between the United States and Russia.”

Russia has threatened retaliatory steps against Poland and the Czech Republic over using their territory for the US system.

Washington says it is aimed at protecting the US and its allies from potential attacks from Iran or groups like al-Qaeda. Russia’s President says the deal with Poland shows it is really directed against his country.

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