Iran Achieves Satellite Launch Technology

picture4.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iran has achieved the technology to design, build and launch satellites into space, the head of Iran’s Space Organization said on Sunday.

Speaking to Al-Alam, Reza Taghi-Pour announced the successful launch of a home-made rocket carrying a dummy satellite into space.

Reza Taghi-Pour said that mammoth Iranian communications networks supported the launch of the satellite carrier, dubbed Safir-e Omid (Ambassador of Hope), without any foreign help.

The Safir-e Omid satellite carrier was successfully launched on Sunday with President Ahmadinejad ordering the launching. Al-Alam broadcast footage of the rocket heading into space and graphics showing a satellite separating from a rocket.

Taghi-Pour elaborated that Iran has in the past established space and aeronautics clubs with foreign countries, “but the successful launch of the Safir-e Omid was thoroughly indigenous and carried out by Iranian experts.”

The ISO head pointed out that by successful launching of Safir-e Omid satellite carrier the Islamic Republic is now capable of placing more satellites into earth’s orbit for various communications, exploration and other scientific purposes “without seeking alien’s aid.”

He also revealed that Iran will soon build the “first Islamic satellite”, adding, “We are seeking to develop space activities in collaboration with Muslim nations, therefore, the satellite can be used by Islamic countries after completion.”

The Iranian official also expounded on different phases involved in a successful launch of satellite, saying the process requires a high degree of “accuracy”.

In February, the deputy head of Iran’s Space Organization said the Safir-e Omid satellite would be placed in orbit at an altitude of 650 kms (400 miles) above the earth, passing over Iran six times a day.

Iran has pursued a space program for several years, and in October 2005 a Russian-made Iranian satellite named Sina-1 was put into orbit by a Russian rocket.

The Safir-e Omid’s launch on Sunday fell on the birth anniversary of the twelfth infallible Imam of Shiite Muslims, Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his reappearance).

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