Zakayev to return to Chechnya soon. His security guaranteed by Kadyrov

91_1.jpgFormer Minister of Foreign Affairs of CRI (Chechen Republic of Ichkeria) in the government of President Aslan Maskhadov, Akhmed Zakayev, may soon return to Chechnya.This information was reported by the envoy of Ramzan Kadyrov (head of pro-Russian collaborator, puppet “president” of Chechnya/Ichkeria), former defense minister of CRI Magomed Khanbiyev, who defected to the Russian invaders several years ago. In his interview to the “Gazeta” edition Khanbiyev said that “Zakayev does not rule out such an opportunity”.


Khanbiyev has recently returned from his trip to Europe where he traveled with his brother Umar Khanbiyev, who was representing CRI government abroad for some time.


In Moscow he was met by the ringleader of Chechen murtadin (apostates/pro-Russian collaborators) Ramzan Kadyrov.


“I did not give any promises to my brother. He is a doctor and he can always find a job in Chechnya. To be honest with you, I was not sure that Umar might return,” – Magomed Khanbiyev said. – “I wanted to meet with Zakayev, but he was unable to come to Italy to meet with me because of some problems with the documents. His assistant Yaragi (Yaragi Abdullayev, “state minister” / “minister without portfolio” in Zakayev’s “telephone government”, his special trustee) came to the meeting.


Magomed Khanbiyev said that after his conversation with Yaragi Abdullayev he had a telephone conversation directly with Akhmed Zakayev, who promised to give his final answer on his return in September, as Moscow-based Interfax news agency reports.


According to the ex-defense minister of Ichkeria, Ramzan Kadyrov guarantees security to Zakayev and his circle.


“They can fell free to return home, and no one is going to prosecute them. This is what Kadyrov promised,”- said Khanbiyev, and then he added immediately, – ” And I have not met or talked with criminals”.


Zakayev confirmed that he thinks of returning to Chechnya. As the periodical writes, Akhmed Zakayev said that he had never had any idea that he or his children would ever return to Chechnya.


“But there is no specific day or month when I could return,” – he said. – “There are certain reasons. I am trying to find a political way out of the situation, because there is no military solution”.


In April 2008 Zakayev’s representative, Dr. Hasan Baiyev (who is now living in the US) met with Kadyrov on the order from Zakayev. After that, famous Chechen bard singer Timur Mutsurayev went over to Kadyrov’s side, and Mutsurayev also announced that he had coordinated all of his actions with Akhmed Zakayev.


According to Mutsurayev, he was pursuing “peacekeeping goals” and striving for “reconciliation between the Chechens”. In his subsequent statements Mutsurayev announced that he had transferred all “peacekeeping” functions to Akhmed Zakayev, and he once again confirmed that all of his steps were coordinated with Zakayev.


In this connection we would also like to point out that Akhmed Zakayev has been vigorously praising Ramzan Kadyrov throughout the recent years by calling him a “decolonizer”, and calling his gangs “the Chechen police”.


In one of his interviews of the Echo of Moscow (“Ekho Moskvy”) Zakayev announced that he was preparing some documents that will help “reconcile the resistance fighters with the Chechen police”.


Zakayev also stated that he does not “fight against Ramzan Kadyrov” and does not call him a “national traitor”.


In response, Kadyrov related the message through his circle that he is willing to negotiate with Zakayev. He called him a “talented actor who contributed much to the Chechen culture”.


We would also like to remind our readers that after the dismissal of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria and proclamation of the Caucasus Emirate by former CRI President, Commander-In-Chief (Amir) Dokka Abu-Usman (Umarov) on October 7, 2007, Akhmed Zakayev announced setting up the “CRI government in exile” in London.


The “government” was formed by using the method of “telephone voting”, in which 5 members of the former CRI parliament living in Europe had participated. Ever since then the London group, — the “telephone government of Euro-Ichkeria in exile” headed by Zakayev, has been pretty active on the Internet in its statements against the Caucasus Emirate and the Mujahideen (the Caucasus Armed Forces), — with the help and patronage by Boris Berezovsky (Russian exiled oligarch).


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