Iran Produces N., Medical Crystals

196310.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s atomic energy scientists have developed nuclear apparatuses capable of producing crystal for nuclear and medical industry use.

Head of Iran’s Nuclear Science and Technology Institute (NSTI) Ahmad Nozad was quoted by IRNA as saying that the crystals technology is applied in a variety of nuclear industries including that of laser, particle detectors, and radioactive material recognition.

Nozad said Iran has the capacity of large-scale production of such crystals in order to meet the country’s growing industrial and medical demands.

The new apparatus operates through dipping a tiny crystal into the original molten ingredient and gradually pulling the spinning head out to let it cool down. After the crystal lump is created, cutting tools shape it for specific purposes.

The cost of producing crystals is reduced to only one twentieth of its original overseas price, helping other industries to benefit from such a technology.

The report notes that all the machineries needed to build the new nuclear apparatuses have been developed domestically.

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