Iran World’s Top Exporter of Quality Rugs

196322.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian commerce minister said that despite the recent decline, Iran is still the world’s leading exporter of hand-woven quality rugs

Iran produces 515 million square meters of hand-woven rugs annually of which more than two thirds are exported, Massoud Mirkazemi was quoted by press tv as saying in the opening ceremony of the 17th exhibition of hand-woven Persian rugs on Friday.

The main target markets for the Iranian hand-woven rugs are Germany, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Japan, Switzerland and Canada and the main competitors of the country are India, Pakistan, China and Nepal, the minister added.

He also referred to the importance of the other floor covers, saying that their production has increased from 31,000 tons valued at $72 million seven years ago to 40,000 tons worth $161,000 million in the last year.

Iran can increase its presence in the untapped markets by greater investment and more production with an eye on the regional markets’ tastes in terms of designs and colors and, of course, right marketing means.

Although foreign competitors are in agreement over higher quality of Iranian rugs, they offer cheaper products by using low-quality and inexpensive materials.

Holding international exhibitions and inviting foreign firms will open up greater opportunities for Iranian producers of the Persian rugs in the international markets.

At least 70 suppliers and buyers from 35 American, European and Asian countries are expected to attend this year’s exhibition which will run until August 28.

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