Spokesman Dismisses US Propaganda over Iran’s Space Technology

196325.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hassan Qashqavi said Iranians were not surprised by the US officials propaganda against Iran’s achievements in the field of space technology.

“The people of Iran are not surprised by positions taken by the US officials to deny the successful achievements of Iranians,” Qashqavi said in a statement last Tuesday.

“It would be a surprising shock if the US officials welcomed the honorable progress of the Iranian nation.”

Iran on Sunday put ‘Omid’ (Hope), a data processing satellite, into the orbit.

The White House described the satellite as troubling for Washington and a ballistic missile test.

Iran ruled out the US propaganda over the satellite and said that it is for monitoring natural disasters and the environment.

An unnamed US defense official said afterwards that the satellite has failed to reach the orbit.

“The scientific and industrial achievements of the Iranian youth and experts have always been worrying the White House and were denied by them,” Qashqavi said.

He stressed that the negative attitude of the U.S. officials vis-à-vis Iran’s scientific achievements would make Iranian experts further determined to develop their country.

Omid is a satellite to improve its telecommunications. It has also data processing capability.

Iran has planned to launch four more satellites by 2010.

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