Iran, PGCC Rapprochement Urged

A0008623.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- A Kuwaiti newspaper has termed the upcoming Muscat summit of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council and the invitation extended to Iran to attend the meeting as “significant” both for the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region.

In an article which appeared in its Sunday edition, Al-Siyasiyeh wrote that inviting Iran to participate in the Muscat summit, following the Doha meeting, is indicative of the goodwill on the part of the Persian Gulf countries towards the neighboring Iran.

The author, Salman Maki al-Qalaf, further commented that the meeting also provides a good opportunity for the states on both sides of the Persian Gulf region to boost cooperation in economic, political, and scientific fields.

The meeting will also prepare the ground for regional countries to benefit from Iran’s scientific achievements, especially in space technology, wrote the article.

It further underlined readiness of the PGCC countries to build an atmosphere of confidence among all regional states, adding that Iran’s presence in the summit will bolster the spirit of optimism and amity among the participants.

Pointing to Iran’s peaceful nuclear issue, the Kuwaiti newspaper said Iran has the right to gain access to what guarantees welfare for its nation, as it is the legitimate right of all Arab countries to have access to nuclear know-how and any other scientific technology for peaceful purposes.

“We are peace-seeking countries and seek to live in a secure and calm geographical region. This can only be achieved through cooperation among the regional states,” concluded the article.

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