Iran Urges UN to Take Action against Israeli Threats

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran protested Tuesday against Israeli threats to kidnap President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and use force against the Islamic Republic, declaring that it would not hesitate to act in self-defense.

In a letter to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Iran’s UN ambassador referred to comments Tuesday by Israeli Cabinet Minister Rafi Eitan that kidnapping Ahmadinejad is “an acceptable option” and to comments on Sept. 3 by Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak repeating the threat to use force against Iran.

“While the Islamic Republic of Iran has never threatened other nations,” Ambassador Mohammad Khazee said it “would not hesitate to act in self-defense to respond to any attack against the Iranian nation and to take appropriate defensive measures to protect itself, its people and its officials.”

Eitan, a onetime spy involved in the operation to kidnap officials of other countries, proposed on Tuesday that the Zionist regime abduct the Iranian president.

Khazee called the latest Israeli threats “dangerous” and a violation of international law, the UN Charter, and “the basic values of the civilized world”.

Such remarks by the Israeli official “put on display the aggressive and terrorist nature of the Israeli regime,” Khazaee stated in the letter which was carried by Reuters.

He called for “a resolute and clear response” by the UN Security Council and asked that Ban circulate the letter to its members.

“These dangerous threats of resorting to criminal acts … require a resolute and clear response on the part of the United Nations, particularly the Security Council,” Khazaee explained.

“It is indeed unfortunate that the inaction of the Security Council vis-a-vis the previous threatening statements of the said regime against Iran and other countries of the region has only encouraged it … to openly threaten to use force against members of the United Nations or to commit criminal acts against their officials,” Khazee said.

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