Iran Makes Copper-Sensitive Ion Sensor

A04000971.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers have successfully produced the world’s first nano- copper ion sensor with a detection limit as low as 9-10 molar.

According to the study published in Talanta, the sensor which is made from gold nano-particles and other ionophile materials shows high selectivity for copper ions in varying concentrations.

“Several sensors are currently used for the determination of copper ions in amounts as low as one micromolar; the new sensor, however, is capable of detecting much smaller amounts of the ion”, said research team leader, Mohammad Hossein Mashhadizadeh.

Referring to the high stability of the applied electrodes, he added that the response rate of the sensor remains steady over short periods of time.

Mashhadizadeh told the Iranian Nanotechnology Initiative that the sensors capable of detecting low amounts of copper ions are suitable for use in food, biology and medical industries.

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