Kadyrov officially invited Zakayev to Chechnya ”to lead the revival of culture”

4_1.jpgOn the eve a group of more than 70 political scientists from around the world specializing on Russia, which are members of the so-called ” Valdai International Debating Club”, created by the Kremlin under Putin already, visited the occupied city of Jokhar.

Kadyrovans themselves stated that political scientists “surprised by what they saw in Chechnya”.


“Grozny (Jokhar – Kavkaz Center) restored, ruins gone. We have not seen any ruins where we were driven, and it is impressive”, Alexander Rar, the expert of German Council on Foreign Policy said.


“The main impression that we made: Kadyrov is absolutely loyal to Russia”, political scientist added.


The meeting participants emphasized that they were surprised by how complimentary Kadyrov spoke of the former MFA of CRI Akhmed Zakayev, who lives in London.


According to Rar, Kadyrov called his former opponent as person who is well-known and loved in the country as a talented actor.

“Akhmed Zakaev is an actor, a very good actor, he can play diverse roles. We invite him to come back and to contribute to the restoration of art and culture of Chechnya”, Kadyrov said.


He also added that “we do not want to lose such a professional culture worker and I think we’ll find him job on the specialty”.


As Russian media recalled in this connection, in mid-August Kadyrov called former Ichkerian generals and ministers to return to their homeland and guaranteed them security.


In particular, the proposal was given to Akhmed Zakayev, by Kadyrov’s envoy Magomed Khanbiyev, who met with Zakayev’s trustee Yaragi Abdullayev and then held talks with Zakayev by telephone.


In response Zakayev stated that he “always wanted to go home” and promised Kadyrov that he will think and will respond to the invitation in September.


We would like to remind that earlier Zakayev held talks with Kadyrov through his intermediaries, a surgeon Hassan Baiev and Chechen singer Timur Mutsurayev, who last summer said that he defected to Kadyrov’s camp.

Kavkaz Center

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