Former Official Calls for Iran-Pakistan Military Alliance

A05072198.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- A former Pakistani official said Tehran and Islamabad are required to form a military alliance in a bid to thwart the plots hatched by the US against the two Muslim nations.

The advisor to the former NWFP caretaker Chief Minister, Sikandar Aziz Khan stressed the need for Iran and Pakistani to immediately sign a military pact to safeguard their territorial integrity and existence against the fatal plots devised by their joint enemy the United States, warning that the superpower has posed open threats to the two Muslim countries.

In a press release issued Peshawar on Tuesday, Sikandar Aziz Khan said the Pak-Iran joint enemy was not happy with the economic and political stability in the Muslim Ummah (nation) and was thus making strenuous efforts to indulge both the Pakistani and Iranian nations in war.

He said it was the dire need of the hour that both Pakistan and Iran should enter military patch up and share military info in a bid to destroy their joint enemy with one blow as it was constantly threatening both countries and was also looking for a chance to wage war against them.

Sikandar Aziz Khan cautioned the rulers of both Iran and Pakistan to come in joint accord with each other without wasting any more time, which he said would prove better for keeping territorial integrity of the two nations.

He appealed to the Pakistani people to join hands with the Pakistan’s military forces to foil the nefarious plots of internal and external enemies, saying that there existed full harmony between the political and military leadership in Pakistan and that they both shared identical views about foreign aggressors.

Sikandar Aziz Khan said that Iran and Pakistan were neither states like Iraq and Afghanistan nor their leaders were like Saddam Hussein and Hamid Karzai where the aggressors had put their hold and made the people their slaves.

He further urged both countries to consider the prevailing facts and prepare themselves to foil the tactics of their joint enemy. “Otherwise Washington would not hesitate to attack when it finds a proper way to do so,” he warned.

He also appealed to the Pakistani parliamentarians to remodel the foreign policy in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of the people.

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