Turkey planes hit PKK rebels Iraq

_45053759_qandil260908.gifTurkish warplanes have attacked suspected Kurdish rebel targets in northern Iraq.The raids, late on Thursday, hit areas in the Qandil mountains. A spokesman for the PKK rebels said one of its members and two civilians were wounded. According to the PKK spokesman a number of mountain villages were hit by the Turkish planes, and school and civilian homes were damaged.

The Turkish military has not commented on the attacks.

Turkey has repeatedly sent warplanes to attack suspected rebel positions in northern Iraq.

In 2007, the Turkish parliament authorised the military to send troops into northern Iraq to attack Kurdish rebels.

Cross-border land operations were launched in February this year.

More than 40,000 people are estimated to have been killed since the PKK launched its campaign for a Kurdish homeland in south-eastern Turkey in 1984.

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