Iran, Japan Competing for UNSC Seat

A02619906.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- The incoming president of the UN Security Council said that competition between Iran and Japan for a UNSC seat should not lead to a vote.

Chinese Ambassador Zhang Yesui, whose own government’s openness has been tested during the summer Olympics, took over as council president just a week after becoming UN ambassador, transferring from his post as a Chinese vice minister of foreign affairs.

On Oct. 17, the General Assembly will elect five nations to serve two-year stints on the council.

Along with the race between Iran and Japan for an Asian seat, two Western European seats will be chosen in a race among Austria, Iceland and Turkey. Uganda, representing Africa, and Mexico, representing Latin America, have been running unopposed.

“Agreements have to be reached within regional groups first. As a regional group, if Asia can reach agreement … we will support it,” Zhang said during his first appearance as council president, a post that revolves monthly among ambassadors on the 15-nation council.

China is one of five permanent council members with veto power, along with the United States, Russia, Britain and France. Ten non-permanent members serve two-year terms, with five elected every year representing different regions.

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