Mottaki Logical Strategy Pursued by Iran’s Foreign Policy

A02619901.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s foreign policy has a logical strategy, Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said, describing the country’s foreign policy a legacy of proper exploitation “of chances” in favor of “national interests”.

Addressing members and staff of Iranian representative offices and organizations in New York on the last day of his stay in the US, Mottaki said two core elements, i.e. diplomatic experience and logical approaches adopted in tune with time exigencies within framework of principles, are the key for diplomatic success.

“Both elements coupled with self-confidence and when they fall within framework of religious beliefs and national culture would make us successful,” Mottaki advised the audience, adding, “We should admit that our principles are the most progressive ones. The approach will make us for ever successful. If we do not have such an ideological and professional framework, we will not be
influential internationally.”

According to the Islamic republic news agency, Mottaki went on to say that logical nature of Iran’s policies and experience-based foreign policy of the country have made its diplomacy popular and the favorite of the world public opinion and thinkers despite certain powers’ pressures and negative propaganda.

On the last day of his New York visit, Mottaki also addressed the Asian Institute, while giving interviews to important US media, including Chicago Tribune and Bloomberg.

The Iranian top diplomat also met his Ivorian counterpart during the visit, discussing with him bilateral ties and ways of expanding mutual cooperation in the economic, political and international domains.

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