Sarkozy and Medvedev to meet in Evian

The city of Evian is on the border between France and Switzerland. Security there has been tightened for the inaugural three-day meeting of the World Policy Conference which began on Monday.

The event, which has attracted political leaders and specialists from around the world, aims to enable heads of states and government to present their views of global political trends.

The climax of the conference is the much anticipated meeting between France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy and Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev.

The last time the two met was in September during the Russia-Georgia conflict. At today’s meeting the current financial crisis will without doubt be on the agenda with both men looking at how the turmoil can be halted and business confidence restored.

And in the light of the tension in Georgia, insiders say talks on stabilising the region are expected while the Russian president is likely to renew his call for a new international security umbrella for Europe.

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