Iran Tops in Maritime Standards in Middle East

A05148123.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- An Iranian maritime official said that the Islamic Republic is leading in the Middle East in terms of observing and promoting maritime standards.

Ali Akbar Marzban, Iran Maritime and Ports Organization’s representative to the International Maritime Organization, said that Tehran has occupied an outstanding place among regional countries in playing an effective role in boosting maritime standards in the Middle East.

He said that “In 2007, we stood first in the region and 33rd in the whole world in terms of registering the highest volume of transported cargo around the world.”

Marzban, however, noted that the volume of cargo transported by Iranian ships has reduced from 3.5 million tons in 2007 to about one million ton at the present time, saying such a decline is due to adopting macro-managerial policies such as receiving bank facilities and will be temporary.

The official said that more regional countries, including Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, are heavily investing in the maritime sector.

Referring to measures taken to improve maritime standards in Iran, he said the country has been placed in Paris and Tokyo Memoranda on Port State Control, a protocol of inspection and safety in seas and oceans.

“Improving maritime standards has now turned into an important pillar of progress and development across the world. Thanks to its extensive seashores in the southern and northern coasts, Iran’s economy is dependent on the sea, more than 90 percent of the country’s imports and exports particularly in the fisheries and oil sectors are undertaken through the sea,” Marzban said.

The official further called for more policy-making in the maritime sector, proposing the revision of related laws and setting new long and short term strategic plans.

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