Diplomat: Iran can Play Effective Role in UNSC

A05256682.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s Ambassador to Japan Abbas Araqchi said Thursday that Tehran has potential to play an effective role in the UN Security Council as Tehran has constantly resisted against unfair and hegemonic policies.

“If the international community intends to prove that it is not under the influence of certain powers and pursues a logical policy, it should pave the way for the presence of other countries such as the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Security Council,” Araqchi said.

The UN General Assembly plans to conduct elections for new non-permanent Security Council members during 2009 and 2010 on Friday.

“Iran and Japan will vie for a seat on the council …It will be a serious competition between the two countries,” the Islamic republic news agency quoted the diplomat as saying.

He added there is a principle in all international organizations which is respected by all world countries and that is the rotating acceptance of responsibilities and positions at international bodies.

“Japan is the only country in Asia which does not respect the principle,” regretted the ambassador.

He added that Japan should allow other countries to play their parts in establishing international peace, security and welfare, “particularly Iran which is a responsible and influential country in the region and the entire world.”

He further referred to Iran’s role as an effective country in major international developments including energy safety, campaign against illicit drugs, the environment protection, terrorism and non proliferation.

Iran has constantly strived to fulfill its responsibility in a positive and effective way,” Araqchi said.

Referring to Iran and Japan close and amicable relations in different fields, the ambassador said, “We expect Japan to observe the principle that all countries should have equal chance to play their part in international bodies.”

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