Result of Aoun’s Visit to Iran Appears in Six Months

A015920016.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun on Monday said the outcome of his recent visit to Iran would emerge in six months.

Aoun, talking to reporters after a meeting by members of his Change and Reform Bloc, said Iran is the “biggest regional power from Lebanon to China.”

“What I saw in Iran is the contrary to what has been said about this regime and this country,” Aoun said.

The United States, according to Aoun, “would never equip the Lebanese army with any weapons to confront a foreign army. It would only give the army weapons needed for law enforcement.”

“The United States would always be on Israel’s side and would not be on our side in settling the issue of naturalizing Palestinian refugees in Lebanon,” Naharnet quoted Aoun as saying.

He said his conflict is “no more with the Lebanese Forces. The game is bigger than them.”

He called for setting up an international tribunal to try those who are targeting Christians in Iraq.

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