Envoy Stresses Iran’s Strong Ties with Eritrea

A026030910.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s Ambassador to Eritrea Reza Ameri said that his country’s relations with Eritrea are based on solid foundation that dates back to the Eritrean people’s armed struggle for independence.

He further stated that President Isaias Afwerki’s visit to Iran also provided additional impetus to the ties between the two countries.

Indicating that Iran-Eritrea cooperation in the domains of agriculture, trade, media and investment is progressing well, the diplomat elaborated that Iran is working diligently to enhance mutual ties between the two nations.

Citing the East Sudan Peace Agreement as an example, Ameri lauded Eritrea’s role in bringing about solution to the problems of the region without the interference of the big powers and their agents.

As regards regional developments, the Iranian envoy pointed out that the Somali issue has been complicated due to the interference of external forces, and as a result the Somali people are in dire condition.

He further stated that Iran advocates that the Somalis should resolve their issues internally, and if necessary, sisterly countries should extend assistance.

Stressing the need for the US Administration to reconsider its erroneous strategy in the East Africa region, Ambassador Ameri expressed conviction that the era of US hegemony in the world has come to an end, and that liberty, justice and truth would soon prevail in the world.

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