Macedonia, Russia to Scrap Visas

Skopje – Macedonia and Russia on Tuesday in Moscow have signed a deal to scrap visas for visitors to each other’s countries, local media report.

The agreement will come into effect on October 31 and will allow many people from both countries to freely travel and stay in the other country for up to 90 days.

Business people, people travelling to participate in professional, scientific, technological, educational, cultural and sports activities, short-term training, medical treatment, as well as for private purposes will be allowed a 90 day stay without a visa, the local Makfax news agency said citing a statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry.

In addition, Macedonian tourists in Russia and vice versa will be allowed a 30 day stay without visas.

Macedonia is the second country in the region after Bosnia and Herzegovina to scrap mutual visas with Russia.

Recently Skopje scrapped visas for European Union countries and said it will liberalise the procedures for other states as well.

After getting a positive evaluation on meeting EU requirements, Macedonia hopes that its people will be able to travel to EU countries without visas during 2009.

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