Speaker Condemns Syria, Pakistan Raids

A00706058.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani condemned Washington’s raids on Syria and Pakistan which left several civilians dead, warning that the United States’ aggressive policies toward the two Middle-Eastern states would have dire consequences.

Any consequences of military “adventurism” in the region cannot be controlled by Washington, Larijani said while addressing an open session of the parliament here on Wednesday, adding, “The US should not think that its mischievous measures would remain without any consequence.”

A US missile strike from an unmanned drone aircraft hit a target in Pakistan’s South Waziristan region Monday, killing 20 people. The Pakistani foreign minister Wednesday lodged a formal complaint against the attacks.

The Iranian media report said that attack was the 70th violation of Pakistani sovereignty.

On Sunday, four US helicopters carrying military personnel entered Syrian territory near the Iraqi border. Eight civilians were killed in the attack and 14 others were wounded. The Syrian government Wednesday demanded an apology for the incident, and Iraqi lawmakers said they would launch a formal investigation into the raid.

Larijani said Tehran regretted that US military aggression in the region had expanded to “the friendly country Syria”.

“Over the last two months, the US has repeatedly attacked Pakistan and killed dozens of Pakistanis under the pretext of fighting terrorism,” he said.

Such US aggressions would be prevented only through a strong response, Larijani stressed.

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