Hamas, Fatah say no difference between Obama and McCain

GAZA, Nov. 4 – Spokesmen of both Fatah and Islamic Hamas movements agreed on Tuesday that there is no difference between the two candidates, the Republican Barak Obama, and the Democrat John McCain who race in the U.S. elections to the White House. The two movements asserted that the Palestinians have to wait for the new president of the United States and see what would be his policy towards the Middle East and the Palestinian cause.

Fahmi al-Za’reer, Fatah movement’s spokesman in the West Bank said in a written statement that his movement would “welcome who will be the person that would be chosen by the American people to be their president.”

“We don’t differentiate between an American candidate and another. The U.S. is led by strategies and establishments and not by individuals,” said al-Za’areer, adding “We are only interested in the man who stands to the Palestinian side.”

Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat had earlier stated that he hopes that the winner in the U.S. elections “will help to push forward the Middle East peace process without any delay.”

Meanwhile, the spokesman of the Islamic Resistance Movement, or Hamas, Fawzi Barhoum said in a written statement that his movement “doesn’t judge on the individuals who would lead the United States.”

“Hamas movement judge on what the new President will implement on the ground and the policy of the United States towards the repressed nations including the Palestinian people,” said Barhoum.

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