Iran, Cuba to Boost Cooperation

A053932111.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Alireza Salari Thursday stressed the need for Iran and Cuba to increase economic and trade exchanges.

The senior official regretted that economic ties between Iran and Cuba have not reached the same level as their political relations.

Salari, who is in Cuba attending the 2008 Havana International Trade Fair, described his first visit to Cuba and Latin America after occupying his current position five moths ago as excellent and voiced pleasure in his meetings with Cuban leaders.

“We have vast relationships in this continent, where we have very good relations with Cuba and Venezuela; we fully enjoy the best relationships on which my government attaches great importance” Salari, who is a deputy foreign minister for American Affairs, told ACN, referring to Iran’s relations with the Latin America.

The Havana Trade Fair was a good occasion for Iranian entrepreneurs to see the potential of Cuba, though they were not numerous, regretted the top official.

He added that with the aid of the Iranian Embassy in Havana, and with all the knowledge it can provide to Iranian businesspeople on the economic situation of the Caribbean nation, the commercial exchange will increase exponentially in the next few years.
The deputy minister stressed he was confident that through people to people exchanges, added to the attendance of Iranian and Cuban entrepreneurs in fairs and events in both countries, the relationship will be better in a short period of time.

Tourism was one of the main topics on the working agenda discussed on Wednesday between the Iranian official and Cuba’s Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Marcos Rodriguez.

“We think tourism is a good source of income for Cuba and also a source of strengthening our relations” said Salari, who considers that health tourism from his country, especially in the form of tour groups will help Cuba to boost its tourist industry.

Turning to political affairs, the deputy minister highlighted that the Islamic Republic of Iran and Cuba share the same goals, especially as part of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), and that both countries follow the path of justice.

South-South cooperation is very important in these times of global crisis, and we should be united to be able to move ahead for the wellbeing of our people, added the Iranian deputy Minister.

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