25 Iranian Inventors at Kuwait Int’l Exhibit

A04761745.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Second Kuwait International Inventions Exhibition opened on Sunday with the participation of 36 countries, including Iran.

Kuwait is hosting the event for two consecutive years on behalf of the Middle East. A 25-person team of inventors with 32 inventions is representing Iran at this year’s event.

Commenting on the exhibit, Ali Reza Rastgar, representative of World Federation of Inventors in Iran and head of Asian Inventors Confederation told the Islamic republic news agency that last year Iran ranked second after Kuwait and this year it is participating in the event with innovative works in the fields of medicine, engineering, pharmacology and nanotechnology.

He hoped that Iran will gain a good ranking at the event, given the proper designs and innovations of the Iranian participants.

Most of the participants at this year’s exhibit include instructors, post-graduate students and faculty members of the universities, Rastgar said.

“Since Iran has been the head of Asian Inventors Confederation, it was agreed that the awards will presented by Iranian officials at the closing ceremony,” he said.

Inventors from France, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Tunis, Egypt and Iraq are also taking part in the event.

Iranian inventions on display at the ongoing exhibition include self-cleaning anti-bacterial fabrics by Laleh Maleknia and scheme of modern heart surgery by a group of Iranian physicians.

Winners of the event will be announced in a ceremony on Wednesday but the exhibit will continue until Thursday.

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