Envoy Blames Powers for Resurgence of Extremism in Afghanistan

A05268076.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Measures adopted by some powers in Afghanistan have triggered the nation’s concern on radicalism and will only create a new wave of extremism in the region, Iran’s ambassador to the UN said.

Afghanistan still faces major challenges in spite of positive developments in the country by Afghan people and government over recent years, Eshagh Al-e Habib told the UN General Assembly meeting.

“Peace, stability and development of this country seem to be crucial issues for the world, since the international community has not forgotten the bitter experience of extremism and terrorism in the country and its threats to the international peace,” Al-e Habib added.

According to the Iranian students news agency, the ambassador warned that terrorists and extremists would not spare any opportunity to make use of signals and mistakes of certain countries which could be interpreted as undermining the international determination to aid Afghanistan against terrorism and extremism.

Al-e Habib also described strengthening Afghanistan’s army, handing over the security issues to Afghan troops and developing different sections of the country as measures which could lift Afghanistan’s condition in all domains.

He meanwhile called for tougher measures by Afghan government and the international community on campaign against drugs trafficking.

Al-e Habib referred to some 2 millions of Afghani refugees in Iran and underlined the international community’s efforts for returning them to the country.

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