Kaidanow: UN Plan in Kosovo’s Interest

12 November 2008 Pristina – The US Ambassador to Kosovo has said that the six-point plan will benefit Kosovo.

“This plan will allow the Serbs of Kosovo to feel more secure,” Tina Kaidanow said in an interview with Kosovo’s public television, RTK, adding that it will only bring gains for the newborn country.

According to Kaidanow, one component of the six-point plan involves appointing a senior Serb official within the command structure of Kosovo’s police force as a means of ensuring Serb participation in law enforcement.

“It ensures that the Serbian population accomplishes something beneficial for Kosovo,” she said.

Kaidanow added that it is the goal of the European Union and the US to have EULEX deployed across the entire territory of Kosovo with the full support of the UN, as this “is for the good of Kosovo, and will place Kosovo in the right direction towards the EU.”

Speaking to a daily newspaper in Pristina, the US Ambassador also guaranteed that the Government of Kosovo will continue to play an active part in the negotiation process.

Regarding the Government’s initial refusal to accept the six-point plan, Kaidanow said this would not affect Kosovo’s partnership with the international community.

“The President and Prime Minister worked in a very constructive way with us and their European colleagues and I am sure that this cooperation will continue,” she said.

Kaidanow said the government viewed some elements of the plan as acceptable.

“We respect that, and hope to find more support which will allow them to express more content for the elements of this plan, and I believe that they certainly agree that what is important now is the full deployment of EULEX in Kosovo,” said Kaidanow.

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