No Political Motive in Macedonia Killing

13 November 2008 Skopje – There was no political motive for the killing of Redza Zulkani, the brother-in-law of Menduh Thaci, the leader of the main opposition ethnic Albanian party in Macedonia, police say.

The police believe the real reasons were more likely to be revenge and anger.

The main suspect, Safet Azizi, arrested on Wednesday near the northwestern town of Tetovo, likely wanted revenge for a public verbal humiliation he received from Zulkani several days before the murder, Alfa TV cited police sources as saying.
Azizi has denied that he was involved in Zulkani’s murder. The police claim to have evidence against him.
“The police investigation found traces of gunpowder on the hands of the suspect,” Interior Minister Gordana Jankulovska told media on Wednesday. She said incriminating evidence was also found in the suspect’s vehicle.
Zulkani was shot and killed late on Tuesday in Tetovo. A vehicle carrying the gunman intercepted the 46-year-old Zulkani on his way home, opened a burst of machine gun fire, and then raced from the scene.
It is not clear whether the murderer had accomplices.
Zulkani was Thaci’s wife’s brother. He was locally known as a businessman and owner of a coffee shop in Tetovo. Thaci has not commented on the event.
According to police, both the suspected killer and his victim were members of Thaci’s Democratic Party of Albanians.

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