Iranian, Egyptian Speakers Call for Rapid Help to Palestinians

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani and the Speaker of the Egyptian People’s Assembly Ahmad Fathi Surur in a phone conversation called for taking more practical steps to speed up helping people in Gaza Strip.

Larijani called for Islamic countries specifically Egypt possessing a unique geographical position to take more diplomatic measures to help crisis-torn Gaza Strip.

The current situation of Gazans has raised concerns in Islamic countries and tackling the challenge needs taking practical steps, the Iranian students news agency quoted Larijani as saying.

Gaza Strip is under Israel’s blockade which prevents shipments of food, medicine, fuel and banknotes to reach the troubled people of the region. Also Egypt has closed Rafah border crossing with Gaza preventing Palestinians to enter into Egypt to make their required shopping.

The Spokesman of Palestine’s Hamas Islamic Movement Fawzi Barhoum has urged Egypt to open the border crossing to permit international helps enter into Gaza Strip.

He also said there is no justified reason to keep Rafah border crossing closed and added the process gradually brings about death of 1.4 million Palestinians in the area.

Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) meeting was held November in Indonesia in which Indonesian, Iranian and Syrian Parliament Speakers decided to set up a troika and hold talks with Fathi Surur to help people in Gaza Strip.

APA is ready to speed up resolving Palestinians’ problems and send food and medicine to the country through Egypt, Larijani said.

He also appreciated Fathi Surur’s efforts for ceasing problems of Palestinians and expressed hope the friendly ties between the two countries would be expanded.

Fathi Surur on his part hailed the decision by APA to form a troika to assist Palestinian people and voiced his country’s readiness to take necessary measures to give a relief to Palestinians.

The troika members will travel to the countries neighboring Palestine to discuss approaches for providing aids to the Gaza people.

Also the APA Secretary General Mohammad Hadi Nejad-Hosseinian is scheduled to have a trip to Cairo and pave the way for the meeting of the troika members to help Palestinians.

In another phone conversation with Syrian Parliament Speaker Mahmoud al-Abrash, Larijani stressed on the settlement of Palestinians’ problems through diplomatic help.

According to the Iranian students news agency, he said Iran’s Parliament is set to accompany those of Indonesia and Syria for holding talks with Egypt to support Palestinians.

Al-Abrash, on his part, said Syrian parliament will actively take part in the troika.

He also invited Larijani to pay an official visit to Damascus in an appropriate time.

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