For the case of possible extradition to Russia the Chechen refugee Akhmed Chatayev

Russian invaders brutally torture and kill Chechen hostages.

Human rights organizations have long ago and unambiguously, by factual evidence, proved that the Russian authorities in the person of FSB, GRU, Interior Ministry, and other so-called “power structures” are engaged in brutal tortures and monstrous killings with demonstrative brutality of Chechen hostages.

Factual materials of atrocities by Russian occupiers can be retrieved, for example, from human rights organization “Memorial” (, which has a large database on this subject.

We are going to mention only a few facts of crimes by the Kremlin’s regime against the humanity, which clearly indicate the inadmissibility of extradition of Chechen refugees to Russia, because they will face suffering and imminent death by brutal physical torture and violence of Russian secret services.

– On March 2, 2002 Russian occupiers abducted three brothers Ugurchiyevs – Abdullah 14 years old, Timur 13 years old, and Albert 12 years old near the house number 16 on the Djakova street in the city of Jokhar (fomer Grozny). They were grabbed by Russian invaders exactly near the house where they are living and were taken to a military base of Khankala.

– On March 26, 2006 in Shelkovskoy region of Chechnya, a shepherd Usman Abdulrashidov, saw how several black bags were thrown out of Russian military helicopter. There were bodies of the abducted brothers Ugurchiyevs in those bags. All of them were terribly mutilated by tortures. Innards have been removed from them.

– On March 28, 2006 Yakha Ugurchiyeva, the mother of the abducted and brutally murdered brothers identified her sons.

Later on it was established that an accomplice in the abduction of brothers Ugurchiyevs was a puppet policeman Ruslan Elmurzayev, who “works” in the occupation gang of “Interior Ministry Department of Lenin district” of Grozny (Jokhar). He acted as a tipper-of, and together with the Russian invaders organized kidnappings of people in Chechnya, including children, with an aim of murdering and the removal of internal organs for sale.

– On October 2002, Lechi Islamov, a former Chechen commander, “amnestied” by Russian invaders, was poisoned (presumably by “polonium 210”). He was poisoned during a transfer from phase one of the prisons of Russia, because he did not persuade the Chechen general Khamzat Gelayev to come over to Russian invaders’ side.

There have also been killed in the jails other prisoner Chechen commanders. (,

– On November 9, 2006, at about 19:30 local time in Baku (Azerbaijan) a Chechen refugee Ruslan Eliyev (born 1975), who has registration in the UNHCR, was kidnapped,.

After a while, it became known that Ruslan Eliyev was secretly taken to Russia with the help of the Azeri secret services.

– On March 29, 2007, a Russian military helicopter dropped several bags in a forest near the village of Samashki in Chechnya. Local residents found the bags. They found in the bags dead brutally tortured people.

One of them was a Chechen refugee Ruslan Eliyev, who was earlier kidnapped in Baku. His nails were pulled out, the eyes were pricked out, terrible burns were on the entire body, and his fingers were broken to pieces.

– In mid-November 2008 brothers Tsokiyevs were abducted in the city of Malgobek (Ingushetia). Casings from bullets have been intentionally planted while they were arresting. They spent only a few hours in the building of the puppet gang of “Interior Ministry Department of Malgobek city”, when they were subjected to severe tortures.

The only guilt of these people was that they were trying to adhere to the norms of Islam, and the local ringleaders of “MIA” were had to report back to Moscow on “the successful fight against extremism”. This act of sadism was conducted already under the new puppet Yevkurov.

It is became known because of the active actions by relatives of the kidnapped, that they are being kept “Interior Ministry Department of Malgobek city”. One of the kidnapped has been taken to hospital, where relatives managed to shoot a video of torture.

Under such torture, you can confess to anything. The victim was beaten, the ears were cut by scissors, needles driven into the fingers, humiliated, threatened with death, raped by truncheon. The torture took place under supervision of the Chief of “Interior Ministry Department of Malgobek city” Archakov.

These are just a few episodes of the daily practice of terror and violence that Russian invaders are coducting in Chechnya and in the Caucasus for many years. In the specific case of Akhmed Chatayev, we can confidently assert that if Sweden would give him to Russia, he will certainly be killed by cruel tortures.

The point is that Akhmed Chatayev is already familiar with Russian tortures, because of which he became a disabled. Russian executioners had cut off his injured arm while he was conscious and inserted electric wires into the wound, brutally tortured him, and turned him into the disabled.

We would like to mention one more important detail. The so-called “charges” against Chechen refugees, whom Russia want extradite, are all fabricated, as it was happened, particularly in the case of Murat Gasayev.

Head of the Human Rights Center “Chechen Committee for National Salvation” Ruslan Badalov who personally knew him and his father, after investigation said in his address to the Spanish authorities that Murat Gasayev has nothing to do with the so-called “terrorism” and it is known in Moscow. (Http://

However, Russian fabricated the “case” and demanded Gasayev’s extradition in order to “punish” him for demonstrative purpose for the psychological pressure on the local population in Ingushetia and Chechnya, who involved in the resistance against Russian occupation. Spain, yield to pressure Russia, extradited refugee to Moscow.

Politically motivates are also perceived in the case of Gasayev. The point is that some time ago the heads of major Russian mafia connected with the Russian Federal Security Service had been arrested in Spain. The arrest of Russian mafia caused great irritation in Moscow, and now Spain has found a way to placate the anger of Kremlin’s ringleaders.

We would like to indicate in this regard to the fact that the Spanish branch of the human rights organization “Amnesty International” stated that, by deciding to extradite Gasayev to Russia, the Spanish government has violated the so-called international law, which prohibits the transfer of people to countries where torture and abuse of detainees are being practiced.

The same demonstrative case was a fabrication of “case” of 13 Chechen refugees who in 2002 crossed the border with Georgia, fled from the war in Chechnya and surrendered voluntarily to the Georgian authorities. Russia then immediately fabricated the “case” and sent Tbilisi an inquiry for the extradition of refugees.

The public scandal was the fact that the Russian side did not even know the names of refugees who were sought to extradite. It is well known today to the Georgian authorities, the Georgian human rights defenders, lawyers and prosecutors, who took part in the hearing.

Despite this fact, the ex-Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze, in the hope to cajole Russia, for the political purposes, hand to Moscow 5 of the 13 refugees, on Putin’s birthday on October 7, 2002, making “a gift” to him in this way.

Shevardnadze explained his criminal act that Putin had promised him that “their rights will be respected”. (Http:// The only “guilt” of the refugees was that they had crossed the border of Georgia.

On May 16, 2003, the Supreme Court of Georgia agreed not to give to Russia the remaining three of the 13 Chechen refugees Hussein Alkhanov, Ruslan Gelogayev, and Rustam Elkhadzhiyev, “charged” by Russia in “assistance” to the army of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.

After coming to power of Saakashvili in Georgia and after retrial the remaining Chechen refugees have been released by a court of Tbilisi, but were immediately abducted by the Georgian secret services and secretly extradited to Russia. There is not any information about the fate of Chechen refugees who were abducted and extradited by Shevardnadze and Saakashvili to Russia.

Despite the policy of coaxing Moscow by Chechen blood, which was conducted by Tbilisi, Russia in August 2008 invaded Georgia and annexed part of its territory. This is the result of cunning and wise policy of the Georgian leaders, who decided to pay off from Moscow with the lives of Chechen refugees.

The most recent examples of total terror and violence conducting by the Russian occupation forces in Chechnya, are the facts cited by Russian newspaper “Novaya Gazeta”, ( in which one time worked a murdered Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who collected a huge factual material on the policy of terror and violence carried out by the Kremlin regime in Chechnya.

– On November 27, 2008, 8 bodies of women were found in Chechnya. The handwriting of the murder was identical: a burst of sub-machine gun fire and a control shot into the head.

It was found that the murder had committed by one of the closest to the ringleader of pro-Moscow puppet regime Kadyrov, a commander of the puppet gang who have infected AIDS, and thus “take vengeance” on its victims.

Among those killed were two good housewives, mothers, who may have accidentally witnessed the killings.

Kadyrov arrogantly declared that the killing of women was allegedly a “precedent of people’s manners”.

– On November 28, 2008 two boys from the village of Pervomayskaya, a third – Ilyas Abdurakhmanov – managed to escape were shot dead on the outskirts of the city of Jokhar (former Grozny). On November 29, he voluntarily went to the occupation police department of Grozny district, and has not returned home. His fate is still unknown. He disappeared in torture chambers of Russian occupiers.

– On November 30, 2008, 4 Ilayev brothers were kidnapped, three of them were killed, and one (schoolboy) is back to home with signs of torture.

All these facts should clearly indicate to the Swedish authorities that the Kremlin regime should not cajoled by the blood of the Chechen refugees. Sweden should break off such vicious and criminal practices, which goes counter to the elementary norms of the human coexistence.

Sweden could not show the same short-sightedness and weakness, as it did the Georgia, as in that case Russia will feel that it can exert pressure on Sweden, and to blackmail her, which ultimately could lead to a real threat to the security of Sweden, and its sovereignty.

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