Tehran to Host 12th Int’l Market for Films and TV Programs

TEHRAN (FNA)- The 12th Iranian International Market for Films and TV Programs is scheduled to kick off work here in Tehran on January 30.

The five-day market is being held on the side section of the 27th International Fajr Film Festival opening on January 31.

International companies have received the market’s regulations for the purchasing, distributing and marketing sections and the Farabi Cinematic Foundation has also completed its negotiations, Tehran Times said.

This year’s edition of Iran’s film market is expected to be much broader in scope and of higher quality as compared to previous editions of the market, the Public Relations Office of the Farabi Foundation reported on Friday.

In addition, several representatives from the Farabi Foundation have participated in various world festivals over the past year and have made efforts to introduce Iran’s film market and enhance bilateral exchanges between Iran and other countries.

As in previous editions, experts in film distribution as well as representatives from different world festivals are expected to attend this year’s market.

The 27th edition of Fajr festival is to be held from January 31 to February 10 in Tehran.

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